100% Recycled Nylon


Nepali Weave 

Size: 8ft x 10ft


This collection emphasises the detrimental impact on our oceans with a focus on environmental sustainability of reusing textiles with an industry first collection created from 100% recycled nylon fishing nets. 


Isobel’s vision showcases the familiar sight of ocean ripples mirrored on the sea bed with the tangle of fishing nets. Chilled turquoise blues with cool white tones and dramatic deep navy with a zap of orange bring to life the challenge of our polluted oceans.


The aim of this collection is to open people’s eyes to the plastic epidemic on our planet of our planet and the change that is needed.


8ft x 10ft made from 100% recycled nylon in Nepali weave made in Nepal.

This is exciting and new. Trending at the moment and I wanted to work with some amazing brands. Econyl, Sarawagi Rugs and the Ruggist.

 Proud to be working with such established people.


Care for wild life and the environment. Passionate about recycling, eco friendly and sustainability for a better quality of life for myself, everyone and future generations

Why do we need to make new nylon, when recycled nylon is just as versatile?

This could be the future for rugs.